About Stèfan

Stèfan is an experienced fine artist who has been plying his trade for over three decades. He is active in the local and international art scene with several solo and group exhibitions but is mostly engaged with a loyal and steady clientele requesting commissions. His work is included in the Gateway Health Institute’s art collection and in several private collections.

Born in Grayville, KZN, South Africa, in 1971, Stèfan is both a conceptional strategist and accomplished craftsman whose resume includes high profile projects such as Art Directing of Ushaka Maine Wolrd, Fantasy of Lights, and Restoration of Dubai architecture.

Stèfan now resides in Cape Town after being based in Pretoria for more than two decades. Stèfan receives commissions from as far as the United States of America and parts of Europe and busies himself with local projects. For more information also visit Stèfan’s Facebook Page.